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Space Viking Legacy: The Tanith Gambit

Space Viking Legacy: The Tanith Gambit title=


This sequel to H. Beam Piper's Space Viking, starts where Piper's book ends. It's a hard hitting story of obsession, revenge, death and redemption. This sequel, was written in the same style, and answers the question of what happened next. It was written to appeal to Honor Harrington and Perry Rhodan fans. Hundreds of colonized planets, with varying degrees of technology, live in fear of raids by armed spaceships, carrying anti-gravity tanks and armored infantry, who plunder anything of value and kill whoever gets in their way. The few planets, that have managed to retain their advanced technology during the collapse of Civilization, are strong enough to discourage raids on their own planets but have not interfered with Space Viking raids on their less advanced neighbors. That fragile truce has now come to an end and both sides are gearing up for all out war. The Tanith Gambit is the first in a series of books that determines whether Civilization will survive and ultimately prosper or disappear completely in a new Dark Age that will last for a thousand years.

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kobo Space Viking Legacy: The Tanith Gambit
by Dietmar Wehr
Published at 2013-02-24
Publisher: Dietmar Wehr

amazon Space Viking Legacy: The Tanith Gambit
by Dietmar Wehr
Published at 2013-02-01
Kindle Edition

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