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Sensual Erotica 6: The Flame

Sensual Erotica 6: The Flame title=


The Flame (#6 of the Sensual Erotica Series) A sensual "quickie" about a hot night of naughty paddling (approx. 4250 words) Perfect for mobile eReaders - have access to a quickie whenever you need a fix. Amy calls Brad her Master. In his house she becomes Feral, his willing sex slave. Brad is falling for the beautiful redhead and has only her pleasure in mind the night he brings out the paddle. After an erotic night of naughty pleasure, Brad expresses his true feelings in the bedroom. Amy opens her heart to him, unaware that an old flame has returned to rip their world apart. Extended Description: Amy never thought she would enjoy being submissive to Brad, but the man knows just how to please her. After a chance meeting with her almost-lover Troy, Brad is shaken enough to express his true feelings for Amy in a night of deep passion. She assumes Troy has moved on and decides to start a life with Brad. Her budding relationship is threatened the day Troy returns for her with his arms wide open. * If you enjoy this erotic story check out the entire series of Sensual Erotica.

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kobo Sensual Erotica 6: The Flame
by Red Phoenix
Published at 2011-12-27
Publisher: Red Phoenix

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